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Ways to Improve Employee Retention

What are you doing to keep all the amazing employees you hired? Employee retention is like gardening, consistent nurturing is key for survival. You need to ensure you are caring for your employees if you want them to stay. Here are a few tips. Onboarding and orientation — This starts from day one and can last […]

What Are The Costs of Not Having HR?

Fact, 70% of companies who employ 5 to 50 employees are allocating HR responsibilities to employees with no HR experience. Many employees who partake in recruitment, HR planning, HR administration, and creating policies and procedures aren’t prepared for the job Should every business go and hire an HR generalist, coordinator, or manager? That’s not feasible […]

Why You Need a Compensation Strategy

If you own a company, you need to put some thought into your compensation strategy.  There are many factors that make people want to work for you but if your compensation factors are not clean, fair, and motivating, then you are fighting an uphill battle. If you don’t have a compensation strategy you are at […]

What You Don’t Know About Strategic HR

Many human resources professionals and SMEs want to join the ranks of the business world and become “strategic”, so what does that look like?  Does that mean that the HR Manager now attends the executive or business planning meetings? It’s more than that, and for HR to be truly strategic they must have a measurable affect […]

Are you a Coachable Coach?

Part of being a good coach and leader requires that you be coachable. While there are many ways to demonstrate your “coach-ability” as a leader, one of the best ways to model that you are coachable to your team members is to seek out some feedback on your coaching conversations when they occur. So before you conclude […]

Gen Z in the Workplace

Lets talk about Gen Z and the many negative stereotypes that are attached with that generation. Like many things we do in this life we stereotype to better understand the things we really don’t understand. A lot of those stereotypes can be negative and sometimes can represent a small segment that we use to paint […]

5 Keys to Employee Motivation

As leaders you influence your employees’ motivation more than any other organizational person, incentive or reward. Motivation and engagement trickles down from the top.  As a leader you set the stage for motivation and everyone is watching. So, what does that mean?  People management is what that means. It’s essential that leaders have people management skills and […]

Small Business and HR Training

Did you know that human resources may be more important for a small business than for a larger business? Having a team that is smaller means more reliance on fewer people so its important to ensure your people are properly managed, engaged and supported. Small Businesses with less than 10 people may think HR is […]

Are you a Place to Be?

Would you consider your business to be an employer of choice? There are many benefits in becoming an employer of choice. It’s important that you strive to make your business a place where potential employees want to work. Finding great talent is difficult and the competition is fierce. A great employer will create an environment […]