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Motivating Your Staff Post SOE

It’s back to work for a lot of businesses on the Avalon that have been shut down for more than a week. In saying that some employees will have a difficult time getting back into the routine, so here a few tips that can help with the transition. 1. Plan a team meeting Plan a […]

Successful Change Management Tips

Change in business is inevitable, so when you are going through structural change it’s your job to make it easier and clear. When you make a change employees will automatically think “how will this affect me?” Also, whenever you make a change 20% of your employees will support it, 20% of your employees will be […]

Millennial Employees Keep Quitting on Me

It’s Monday morning and Jenny comes to work; she walks into her manager’s office and hands over a resignation letter. The Manager sighs and thinks “Millennials! They don’t get it and they jump ship the moment something isn’t perfect”. Jenny tells her manager “sorry, I have to leave, it’s not the company, it’s me, I […]

Running a Small Business that isn’t Small Anymore

Like many small businesses you open your doors and start with a handful of employees. Then one day you wake up and you’re running a company with 15-30 employees. This can be a major change with many difficulties. You are not quite a small family style business anymore but you are far from a mid-sized […]

$2,750 – Flat Fee Recruitment Services

Did you know that People Stuff offers recruitment services for a flat fee? No matter the position the rate is always the same, $2,750. Low cost recruitment services is perfect for any small businesses looking to keep their recruitment costs down and still find the ideal client. With 20 years recruitment experience People Stuff can […]

High Performance Work Practices for SMEs

High Performance Work Practices (HPWP) are employee management practices that make better use of employee skills and improve commitment to the organization. These methods increase employee engagement, performance and productivity, which increases customer loyalty, leading to higher profits. Many larger organizations engage in many HPWP practices but smaller companies seems to be lacking. Here are […]

10 No Cost Ways to Increase Employee Retention

Here are 10 quick and easy ways to improve employee engagement and increase employee retention. Though these tasks take time, and time is money, there is very little to no implementation costs. Involve the team in discussions and decisions affecting their position Get feedback from your employees on what they like and do more of […]

Measuring ROI in Your HR Investments

How do you measure ROI on time and money spent on human resources and cultural?  For business people this can be very difficult and for most they see no ROI. Too many business owners view human resources as a known cost with an unknown return. Not knowing the financial impact as a measured ROI means […]

The Basics on Headcount Planning

Headcount planning is a strategic talent management exercise. It ensures organizations have the right people, the right skills, in the right roles. The process usually looks at reviewing your talent, hiring targets, succession plans, promotions and training. A successful headcount planning process looks at internal and external changes and aligns talent strategies with organizational strategies […]