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5 Ways to Foster an Employee Centric Culture

Let’s define an Employee Centric Culture. It’s an organization that does the following Puts their employees first Creates open communication and encourages feedback Creates an environment that is safe and motivating Creates a healthy workplace environment When organizations take this approach they create a workplace that is Happy & Engaging. So why does happiness and […]

As a Startup or Entrepreneur, do you need HR?

Founders work hard for long hours to get their business up and running. Often during that time HR and company culture gets forgotten “25% of startups fail because they don’t have the right team.“ CB Insights Startups need a dedicated HR representative early to attract and retain top talent. This is crucial to future business […]

What is People Analytics and How is it Evolving?

People analytics is the practice of collecting and applying organizational, people, and talent data to improve critical business outcomes. It enables HR departments to develop data-driven insights to make decisions on talent, workforce processes and turn them into actionable insights to improve the performance of an organization.  The future of people analytics Here are five […]

How to Conduct Terminations

If you own a company, you need to be ok with terminating employees. It’s never easy but it is a necessity if you want to ensure you are working with the right people. Some owners hate it so much they just hope their broken relationship employee quits. That’s not the answer and will cause even […]

Terminations and Sick Leave

One point we often consult with clients on is terminations. I always start off my conversations with the following. You have a right to terminate any employee at any time and for almost any reason, if you provide the appropriate notice or pay in lieu thereof. When it comes to terminating an employee on sick […]

The Importance of Skills Assessment Testing During the Recruitment Process

People Stuff offers Skills Assessment Testing as part of our recruitment process. It brings recruitment to a whole new level of accuracy, insight and removing biases. Here are three important reasons to use Skills Assessmet Testing 1. Skills Assessment Testing is more objective Rely on objective data to make better hiring decisions. Skills Assessment Testing […]

3 Suggestions to Create an Inclusive Workplace

In honour of this being pride week, there is no better time to take a step back and evaluate your company’s diversity and inclusivity. There are many different ways you can create an inclusive workplace. Here are 3 suggestions.  1. Learn about your own social identity and biases. Your social identity is a reflection of […]

5 Wellness Tips for the Work-From-Home Lifestyle

During the past few months, many of us have been able to take advantage of the perks of physical workspaces and the social benefits of working from the office.  However, with the current global events happening in our world, and in accordance with the recent Alert Level 5 lockdown in NL, most of us have […]

Motivating Your Staff Post SOE

It’s back to work for a lot of businesses on the Avalon that have been shut down for more than a week. In saying that some employees will have a difficult time getting back into the routine, so here a few tips that can help with the transition. 1. Plan a team meeting Plan a […]