What is People Analytics and How is it Evolving?

People analytics is the practice of collecting and applying organizational, people, and talent data to improve critical business outcomes. It enables HR departments to develop data-driven insights to make decisions on talent, workforce processes and turn them into actionable insights to improve the performance of an organization. 

The future of people analytics

Here are five predictions about where people analytics is heading in the near future:

  1. People analytics is going to create supercharged organizations that can make real-time decisions with high accuracy.
  2. HR teams will have to create a balance between technology and the people. As people analytics advances, HR leaders will be challenged to find the human spirit in the organization and the HR function.
  3. Soon, it will be possible for organizations to predict when employees are looking for a new job and who will the future talent be.
  4. Language analytics will also allow leaders to ask AI-enabled technologies questions about employees. The best answer would surface by searching an entire database of past employee data and making a decision.
  5. Talent analytics will enable HR practitioners to identify and nurture potential future leaders.

As the work world continues to evolve HR will play a different role and people analytics and digital HR will be a necessity.

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