3 Suggestions to Create an Inclusive Workplace

In honour of this being pride week, there is no better time to take a step back and evaluate your company’s diversity and inclusivity. There are many different ways you can create an inclusive workplace. Here are 3 suggestions. 

1. Learn about your own social identity and biases.

Your social identity is a reflection of who you are based on your membership of certain groups. You can take quizzes such as a privilege check quiz and implicit bias quiz to see how your own opinions may be. Biases can be both conscious and unconscious so the best way to improve is to learn more about your personal biases. Below are a few links of examples of  a bias quiz and a privilege quiz. 

2, Create groups at work to help with the inclusivity of the work environment

This is a great method to help prevent any type of discrimination and build an inclusive environment. A great example is to form a committee to create social accountability and to commit to creating a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment. This committee incorporates all groups who wish to participate and is all-encompassing.

3. Diversity and inclusion training for the workplace

There are many different options that you can choose from when deciding to conduct diversity and inclusion training. This is a great way to get all employees involved and get educated about what is acceptable and promoted in the workplace. 

Diversity and inclusion is an integral part of any successful business. Companies with diversity and inclusion in mind foster a positive work environment for all employees and make them feel heard and valued. This will only help to improve engagement and lower turnover. With these three suggestions, you can help with the inclusivity and betterment of the company. Whether you are an employee or manager you have a personal stake in the advancement and achievements of the organization. 

These 35 Questions Can Help You Find Out What Privilege Is And How Privileged You Are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD5f8GuNuG


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