High Performance Work Practices for SMEs

High Performance Work Practices (HPWP) are employee management practices that make better use of employee skills and improve commitment to the organization. These methods increase employee engagement, performance and productivity, which increases customer loyalty, leading to higher profits.

Many larger organizations engage in many HPWP practices but smaller companies seems to be lacking. Here are some examples of HPWPs that can be implemented with proper coaching and guidance  

  • Employee on-boarding strategies
  • Mentoring and leadership development strategies
  • KPI performance appraisals
  • Flexible job descriptions
  • Employee suggestion programs
  • Employee reward and award programs
  • Weekly Acton Review (WAR) meetings
  • Competence or performance-based pay

Some small businesses are missing the opportunity to implement these practices. Through proper planning these HPWPs will increase your success and revenue. Many of these can be easily implement with a reasonable and realistic budget.

If you would like training or coaching on identifying which HPWPs best suit your business or setting up HPWPs, please contact People Stuff at chad@peoplestuffnl.ca or (709) 697-2423