10 No Cost Ways to Increase Employee Retention

Here are 10 quick and easy ways to improve employee engagement and increase employee retention. Though these tasks take time, and time is money, there is very little to no implementation costs.

  1. Involve the team in discussions and decisions affecting their position
  2. Get feedback from your employees on what they like and do more of it
  3. Hold daily 5-minute kick-off or scrum meetings
  4. Create more of a positive, fun and grateful culture
  5. Learn how to properly handle conflict and not be emotionally charged
  6. Encourage feedback and give it in a timely and considerate manner
  7. Create a respectful workplace, free of gossip, bullying and disrespect
  8.  Provide more praises than criticism; praise twice for every criticism
  9.  Listen to your team, they want to be heard
  10.  Perform exit and stay interviews, know why people are leaving and staying