Ways to Improve Employee Retention

What are you doing to keep all the amazing employees you hired? Employee retention is like gardening, consistent nurturing is key for survival. You need to ensure you are caring for your employees if you want them to stay. Here are a few tips.

  • Onboarding and orientation — This starts from day one and can last for weeks or even months. Proper planning and welcoming the new employee is important so ensure you provide a celebratory warm welcome. An orientation on the job and culture is key so the new employee can learn how they fit in, contribute and succeed.
  • Buddy programs — As part of the orientation process a new employee should have a paired employee buddy. Seasoned employees can provide insight, guidance, friendship and be a great sounding board.
  • Recognition and rewards — Make sure you put a plan in place to ensure employees feel appreciated. Reward systems are great but a simple thank you can also go a long way.
  • Flexible work and/or work-life balance — Ensure you are not working your employees to the point of exit. There needs to balance, so ensure your employees work hours are healthy. Encourage time off and allow some flexibility. Life is demanding and everyone needs time to manage. Flexibility is no longer a perk or a nice feature, it’s a must.
  • Opportunities for training and development — Employees who have opportunities to grow and develop are less likely to leave. Putting together employee development plans with a minimum 6-month review will lead to employee growth and retention.
  • Compensation & Benefits Strategy — It’s a no brainer that an employee will consider crossing the road for a new job if they can get more. A proper strategy and focus on your total rewards ensures you remain competitive. Pay is not everything but it’s still a factor. Also don’t just focus on a plan that attracts an employee, ensure you have proper yearly reviews to retain employees as they grow.
  • Communication — Employees often feel they don’t get enough communication. Proper communication and meetings are essential. Employees also need feedback, an opportunity to be heard and for you to be open and honest. 
  • Teamwork — Proper teamwork, relationships and celebrations increase retention. When employees work together they feel more included. Employees who are part of a team don’t want to let each other down and loyalty is a part of it.

In the end you need an employee retention strategy but you can’t just create it any be done. Stay current and ensure to review your strategy at least once a year. There is an existing talent war that has gone nuclear in the last five to ten years. It’s one thing to attract an employee but retention is even more important.