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We believe that business = family. Like a family, a business thrives on strong relationships and open communication. It’s our mission to get business owners and their employees connected by building stable HR bases and healthy internal communications practices. Think of us as your CHO — your Chief Happiness Officer.

Your business is your life. It’s ours, too.

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You’re ready to “level up” — to take the next big step in growing the capacity of your business. Ensuring that you have a robust HR base to support your growth goals is key.

We’ll help you build the team you need by ensuring that your current staff’s performance is both measurable and optimized and by recruiting the fresh talent needed to kick-start your growth. Here’s a look at how we do it:

A deep dive into your current employee base. We offer focused group and individual assessments, facilitated management meetings, and HR strategy development and delivery to your management team. If we discover that your path forward includes employee termination, we’ll do that for you.

Finding the fresh talent you need to staff new positions or revitalize current roles. We’ll create job postings, facilitate all aspects of the interview process, and ensure that the people you need are the people you get.

We live for helping business owners find their power through people and processes.

From designing growth plans to building better business cultures to structuring for success right now — and 10 years from now — we work with you to define your HR needs and create flexible, adaptable solutions so you can achieve your goals.

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Building a healthy, cohesive business culture is crucial to business growth — it’s not a sprint, it’s a long-distance run. The core beliefs, values and attitudes that inform your operations must be acknowledged and embraced in a cohesive way across all levels of your organization for you to benefit from their massive power. We’ll help you build the business culture you need by focusing on:

Building trust, improving communication and motivating for momentum. We’ll determine your current level of employee “buy-in” on your core business values, work with you to develop group and individual employee engagement strategies (for example, employee recognition programs) and help you identify the functional communications rhythms that will help your staff feel connected to your operational goals.


Building and implementing the people-driven processes your business needs in order to continue its growth trajectory. We’ll help you give your employees the structure they need to succeed in their roles and the tools you need to measure employee performance. Here’s how we roll it out:

Writing the rules for — and with! — your team. We’ll work with you to define and document your detailed operational policies and procedures, share them with your staff for their input and, ultimately, provide a  stable, policy-driven base that will help you set guidelines for growth.

Setting achievable, measurable objectives for your employees, based on your business needs. We’ll help you determine your objectives and roll out training programs that provide a roadmap to employee success and give you the quantified employee performance metrics you need.




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